Bill Bennett: Trump’s “Animal Spirit” Will Help Him

“Let’s remember this, got to take this thing seriously, the man is in his 70s and has a condition or two that need to be watched that can exaggerate the problem.

“But remember, it’s in the high 90s as Brit Hume was saying, the recovery rate for people even in their 70s.

“And we have created such a incredible scare about this thing again, take it seriously, but a lot of people still when they hear someone has COVID, they think, my gosh 50/50 chance the person is gonna die. It’s not.

“It’s about a 99% chance they’re gonna live and in Donald’s Trump’s case and in his age cohort, 95, 96%. With his energy level, with his animal spirit, I expect it’s even higher.

“He will be back on the campaign trail but the message will be interesting. Will it be the same? I think it will probably be a little louder.” – Bill Bennett, Secretary of Education for Ronald Reagan.