Biden Tops 270 In Politico’s Electoral College Forecast

Politico reports:

Joe Biden has reached 270 electoral votes for the first time since POLITICO’s Election Forecast debuted late last year. In addition to a double-digit national lead, Biden has built a stable advantage in the three Great Lakes States that put Donald Trump over the top in 2016: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Our latest presidential-race ratings now have Biden favored in enough states — including Wisconsin, which we’ve moved from “toss-up” to “lean Democratic”— to clinch the presidency.

To win reelection, Trump would now have to sweep all five toss-up states, plus pull back a “lean Democratic” state like Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. It’s a long shot but not impossible. Republicans are hopeful that the Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court hearings that start this week will shift the election in their favor.

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