Biden: “I’m Not A Fan” Of Expanding Supreme Court

The New York Times reports:

Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday gave his clearest answer in weeks regarding his position on expanding the Supreme Court, saying that he was “not a fan” of the concept but preferred to keep attention on Republican efforts to fill the seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with their own nominee only weeks before Election Day.

“I’m not a fan of court packing,” Mr. Biden told WKRC-TV in Cincinnati as he campaigned there on Monday. “But I don’t want to get off on that whole issue. I want to keep focused. The president would love nothing better than to fight about whether or not I would in fact pack the court or not pack the court.”

Some on the left have called to increase the number of justices on the nation’s highest court as a countermeasure if Republicans rush through the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.