Anthony Fauci: The Trump Campaign Is Harassing Me

The Daily Beast reports:

The nation’s top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci demanded that the Trump campaign refrain from using him in future campaign ads, saying Monday that it would be “outrageous” and “terrible” if he was featured in another commercial and it could “come back to backfire” on Team Trump.

Asked by The Daily Beast if his comments were a thinly-veiled thread to leave his post if he ended up in a new campaign spot, Fauci: “Not a chance. Not in my wildest freakin dreams,” he said, “did I ever think about quitting.”

From there, Fauci went on to explain what he meant by “backfire.” “By doing this against my will, they are in effect harassing me,” Fauci said. “Since campaign ads are about getting votes, their harassment of me might have the opposite effect of turning some voters off.”