After Mocking Biden’s Stutter, Future Real Housewives Reject Lara Trump Says He’s Having “Cognitive Decline”

The Hill reports:

Lara Trump on Sunday denied mocking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s speech, and instead suggested that the former vice president may be experiencing a cognitive decline. She said on Sunday that she “had absolutely no idea” that Biden had ever struggled with a stutter and then suggested that his way of speaking was indicative of cognitive decline. Tapper quickly noted that many people had diagnosed her father-in-law from afar and said that she had no standing to do the same to Biden.

In the same interview, Trump made light of the president’s criticism Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The crowd at a Trump rally in Michigan late Saturday chanted the phrase “Lock her up!,” which has been heard at his rallies since 2016, when he ran against Hillary Clinton. “Lock ’em all up,” the president responded on Saturday. “He wasn’t doing anything to provoke people to threaten this woman at all,” referring to the president. “He was having fun at a Trump rally.”

As you’ll see in the final clip below, Tapper finally abruptly ended the interview when he couldn’t get Lara Trump to stop screeching over his questions.