Actual Federalist Headline: How Strong Women Like Amy Coney Barrett Submit To Their Husbands With Joy

Matthew Cochran writes for The Federalist:

The husband has a responsibility to patiently care for his wife’s needs and to help her to grow into what God ordained her to be. Some men may do a poor job of it, but nobody bats an eye when the Bible tells men to die for their wives. Tellingly, it is only when it instructs women to submit to their husbands that everyone loses their minds.

We react that way because it is not male sacrifice, but female submission that offends one of America’s most prominent idols: equality. But the truth is, most of our appeals to equality are empty platitudes that fail to point us to anything meaningful. After all, we seldom ask ourselves “equal in what sense” or “equal according to what measurements?”

Biblically speaking, we can say that men and women alike are equally made in the image of God and that both are equally forgiven on account of Christ. But we don’t say that both have equal authority in the household or in the church, any more than we say that both are equally tall or equally equipped to nurse children.

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