WH Defends Trump’s “Virtually Nobody” Lie: You’re Taking Him Out Of Context, He Was “Telling The Truth”

Raw Story reports:

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta noted that Trump had recently told his supporters that COVID-19 affects “virtually nobody,” referring to young people. “Shouldn’t the president be telling people the truth about this virus at his rallies?” Acosta asked. “The president is telling people the truth,” the press secretary insisted. “He’s not telling the truth,” Acosta pressed. “Jim, but you’re again taking the president out of context,” McEnany complained. “He was referring to young people.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Acosta shot back. “Young people can contract the coronavirus and then spread it to older people,” he added. “We’ve known this from the very beginning. And for the president of the United States at 200,000 deaths to go out to his rallies and say something like it ‘affects virtually nobody,’ that is glossing over the fact—and really diminishing the fact—that young people can catch this virus and spread it older people. Younger people can also be sick and killed by this virus.”