USPS Stiffed On $25M Cost Of Trump’s COVID Mailer

Because nothing matters anymore:

As the coronavirus began spreading across the country in March, a white-and-blue postcard from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arrived in every mailbox in the United States. It communicated basic public health do’s and don’ts — wash your hands, avoid crowds, stay home if you feel sick—which were billed as “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America.”

Most of the 330 million Americans who got the postcard probably disposed of it quickly. Six months later, however, the memory of it lingers in at least one place: the U.S. Postal Service. That’s because the agency has yet to be reimbursed by HHS for the cost of delivery. Experts told The Daily Beast that the cost of sending a piece of commercial mail to every address in the country would add up to roughly $20 million to $25 million.