USPS Paid $286M To DeJoy’s Ex-Employer Since 2013

The Washington Post reports:

The United States Postal Service has paid about $286 million over the past seven years to XPO Logistics, the former employer of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. He still holds at least a $30 million stake in the company, which has ramped up its business with the Postal Service since he took the helm at the agency.

The figures, obtained by The New York Times from a public records request, shed new light on the extent to which the company where Mr. DeJoy was a top executive — and in which he still has a substantial amount of money invested — is intertwined with the agency he now runs, fueling questions about a potential conflict of interest.

They emerged on the same day that the House Oversight Committee issued a promised subpoena for documents that the panel has said Mr. DeJoy is withholding from Congress, including information about his personal financial affairs.

The Guardian reports:

Last week, as Louis DeJoy testified before the House of Representatives about mail slowdowns around the country, the Republican congressman Jim Jordan praised the embattled postmaster general’s career as the chief executive of New Breed Logistics, saying DeJoy had an “amazing record in business”.

But court documents reviewed by the Guardian allege that as DeJoy expanded his father’s shipping company into a logistics empire, he alienated his own family, pushing his brother Dominick out of the company and triggering an acrimonious legal battle with long-lasting consequences.

The lawsuit and its outcome provide new insight into how Louis DeJoy came to control the company that made him wealthy and put him in a position to become a top Republican donor and, later, the postmaster general.