Trump Rages At Drudge Over “Mini-Strokes” Headline

Politico reports:

Drudge’s site led with a story by The Hill reporting the president’s morning tweet, running the headline “TRUMP DENIES MINI-STROKE SENT HIM TO HOSPITAL.” Trump later lashed out at Drudge, claiming that Drudge himself reported the president had had a stroke.

Trump himself is no stranger to peddling controversial theories, having advanced the racist birther theory that claimed that Obama was not born in the United States. He has also embraced Republicans who have openly supported the QAnon phenomenon — a baseless conspiracy theory that says the government is harboring a Satanic cabal of pedophiles.

Trump has long used mental and physical fitness as attack points against his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. In his initial denial of having had a stroke, Trump on Tuesday morning turned the narrative against Biden.