Trump: Protesters Are Throwing Cans Of Bumble Bee

The Insider reports:

President Donald Trump made a bizarre claim Tuesday, without evidence, that protesters against police brutality in Minnesota and Chicago threw cans of “tuna fish and soup” at law enforcement officers.

At his campaign rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, Trump alleged that protesters in Minnesota and Chicago had wielded cans, specifically the brands Goya Foods and Bumble Bee Seafoods.

“They go out and buy tuna fish and soup… they go out and buy Goya because they throw it, they throw it, it’s the perfect weight. Tuna fish, they can really rip it right, and that hits you, it’s true. Bumble Bee brand tuna,” Trump said.

Bumble Bee, it’s worth noting, publicly opposed Trump’s 2018 tariffs on China. Their main competitor, StarKist, supported the tariffs.