Trump: “My People Got Outplayed” On Pandemic PR

The Hill reports:

President Trump in an interview late Wednesday appeared to blame his own staff for losing the coronavirus “public relations” battle while again attacking China’s government over its handling of the virus.

Speaking with Greta Van Susteren on Gray TV’s “Full Court Press: Election Countdown,” Trump discounted the idea that his administration could have done more to prevent the spread of the virus in the U.S., which has the highest number of cases in the world.

“We did a great job except public relations-wise, my people got outplayed. Just like you said before, Nancy Pelosi said this or that, no matter what you do, if you say, ‘We did this,’ they say, ‘Well, it wasn’t good enough.’ If you say, ‘We did that…’ This is standard fare for the Democrats. They say it wasn’t good enough.”