Trump Junior Claims Nobody Blamed Obama For Riots In Ferguson (His Father Blamed Obama Many Times)

Fox News reports:

Trump Organization Executive Vice President Donald Trump Jr. ripped Democrats, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, for claiming the urban unrest gripping the nation is a hallmark of “Donald Trump’s America.”

“Imagine wearing a MAGA hat in Portland,” Trump Jr. told “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday. “You could wear a Biden hat [in] any city in the country [and[ no one would do anything. That’s the difference. That’s the double standard … These are not conservatives doing this. They are Joe Biden voters burning down their cities.”

In response to Biden’s claim that violence is Trump’s fault because it’s happening under his watch as president, Trump Jr. called that argument “insane,” pointing out that no one blamed Barack Obama for riots in places like Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore after incidents in which Black men died after encounters with police.

Those of us with a working memory and access to Twitter vividly recall Trump Sr. and the right wing blaming unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore on Obama.