Trump Denies “Mini-Strokes” Sent Him To The Hospital

Trump’s very upset that this story is dominating Twitter:

Days before Thanksgiving 2019, President Donald Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed hospital, a trip the White House later dismissed as nothing more than a “quick exam and labs” as part of his annual physical. Even then, the explanation was fishy. Presidents don’t make trips that members of the press don’t know about almost ever — unless they are flying into a war zone and their safety is at risk.

The only information we have about Trump’s health, prior to the annual physical he is subject to in the White House, comes in the form of a letter that his personal physician at the time says was entirely dictated by Trump. Records on Trump’s past medical history have been confiscated by Trump associates. Trump’s strategic decision to put a premium on health and mental acuity means that it’s fair game to want answers about his own standing on those issues.