Trump Campaign Spox Defends Kenosha Killer: If You Don’t Let The Cops Do Their Job, This Is What Happens

Talking Points Memo reports:

When CNN anchor John Berman asked if President Donald Trump supported out-of-state vigilantes coming in to act as law enforcement, Gidley said Trump “doesn’t” support them, but also Democratic state leaders have “let these looters continue to criminalize our communities” and Trump “doesn’t want that.”

“It does make sense just logically, if you don’t allow police to do their job, then the American people have to defend themselves some way,” the Trump campaign spokesperson said.

When a visibly shocked Berman pointed out that Gidley had just defended vigilantism, the campaign aide retorted that he “did no such thing.” Gidley dodged when Berman pressed him to say definitively that both he and Trump oppose vigilantism.