Trump Announces “Patriotic Education” Program To Battle “Poisonous Left-Wing Indoctrination” In Schools

Forbes reports:

President Trump on Thursday announced several measures aimed at promoting what he called “patriotic education” while blasting progressive efforts at re-examining American history through a race-critical lens as “toxic propaganda.”

At the White House Conference on American History, Trump took aim at the 1619 Project, a series of essays in the New York Times re-examining America’s legacy of slavery which has become a common foil for right-wing politicians, calling it “ideological poison” that will “dissolve the civic bonds” of America.

Trump also called out what he said is “left-wing indoctrination” in schools and curriculum, which he claimed “views every issue through the lens of race” in an effort to impose “tyranny” and “a new segregation.”

Politico reports:

Children must be taught that America is “an exceptional, free and just nation, worth defending, preserving and protecting,” he said. Democrats are unable, he said, to control a “radical left, crazy movement.”

“The only path to unity is to rebuild a shared national identity focused on common American values and virtues of which we have plenty,” he said. “This includes restoring patriotic education in our nation’s schools, where they are trying to change everything that we have learned.”

Key context: “Teach American Exceptionalism” is one of two education goals listed on Trump’s second-term “Fighting for You!” agenda released ahead of the president’s acceptance of his party’s nomination during the Republican National Convention last week.