Trump Already Whining About Debate, Says Moderator Chris Wallace Is “Controlled By Radical Left” [AUDIO]

Mediaite reports:

Fox & Friends hsot Brian Kilmeade spoke to Trump on his radio show and he asked what role the president thinks Wallace will serve as he presides over the debate. Trump answered by bragging about his TV ratings, claimed Wallace likes him because of the ratings he brings during their interviews, and then he said “I would be willing to bet he won’t ask Biden tough questions.”

“He’ll ask me tough questions and it’ll be unfair, I have no doubt about it,” Trump said. “But he’ll be controlled by the radical left. They control him.” After Trump went on with some boasts, Kilmeade pushed back and told the president “I will tell you for sure, [Chris Wallace] is not controlled by anyone.” “Then he’s got to ask tough questions of Biden,” Trump retorted.