Russian Hackers Target 200 US Orgs Tied To Election

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Russian government hackers have targeted at least 200 organizations tied to the 2020 presidential election in recent weeks, including national and state political parties and political consultants working for both Republicans and Democrats, according to Microsoft Corp.

China has also engaged in cyberattacks against “high-profile individuals” linked to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, while Iranian actors have continued targeting personal accounts of people associated with President Trump’s campaign, Microsoft said in a blog post published Thursday.

The software giant’s threat intelligence team is able to track suspected cyberattacks against people and organizations that use its email platform and other Microsoft services. The findings don’t portray the full scope of foreign cyberattacks when it comes to the U.S. election because Microsoft is largely limited to analyzing threats to its own customers, but echo recent assessments from the U.S. intelligence community and other security experts.

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