Proud Boys Coat Seen In Trump Campaign Ad [VIDEO]

The Colorado Times Recorder reports:

Last night may have been the first time Trump addressed the Proud Boys directly, telling the white nationalist group during the debate to “Stand back and stand by.” But after a rally in Colorado Springs in February, the Trump campaign released a two-minute ad that briefly shows a partial, but unmistakable, image of a Proud Boy at the rally, as Trump says in the ad, “And ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come.”

The images show a black-and-yellow jacket worn by about a dozen Proud Boys who attended the event, which drew a total of about 10,000 people both inside and outside the Broadmoor Arena. The jackets state “Proud Boy,” and images and colors match clothes for sale on a Proud Boy website. The ad was reportedly set to air in Denver and Colorado Springs. Proud Boys at the Trump event were photographed making the white nationalist hand signals.

Read the full article. As noted at the link, it seems unlikely that a Proud Boy jacket would randomly appear in the ad, considering the 10,000 people in attendance.