POLL: 52% Say They’ll Vote Early By Mail Or In Person

NBC News reports:

A majority of American adults intend to vote early in person or by mail this year, according to new data from the NBC|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll, as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to upend how Americans cast their ballots. Fifty-two percent of adults say they will vote early — with 19 percent saying they will vote early in person and 33 percent more saying they will vote by mail. About a third of adults, 33 percent, say they will vote in person on Election Day, and 11 percent say they might not vote at all.

There’s a stark difference in voting plans when broken down by party affiliation, however. Fifty-four percent of adults who identify as Republican or lean that way say they will vote in person on Election Day, while just 22 percent of Democrats and those who lean Democratic say the same. Democrats are much more likely to vote by mail — with 50 percent saying that’s their plan for November, compared to just 18 percent of Republicans who say they’ll mail in their ballots.