Pelosi: Trump Knows He’s Crazy, It’s So Self-Evident

From a lengthy interview with Elle Magazine:

Pelosi is Trump’s greatest foil—the only real check on his power. She’s presided over his impeachment, famously ripped up his speech after his State of the Union address, and insulted his masculinity on cable news. He calls her “Crazy Nancy,” “Nervous Nancy,” and “unhinged”; she doesn’t care. “I have no interest in what he calls people, because he’s always projecting,” she says.

“He knows he’s crazy; it’s so self-evident. Everything he calls anybody—‘lazy,’ ‘crazy.’ Quite frankly, I don’t pay that much attention to him. I think it’s really a sad, sick situation.” Their relationship wasn’t always so contentious. Pelosi says she tried, in the beginning of Trump’s presidency, to negotiate with him in good faith, the way she’s done with other Republican leaders.

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