NYPD Unions Back DOJ’s “Anarchist” Label For NYC

Gothamist reports:

The Department of Justice vowed to strip federal funding from New York and two other cities on Monday, following a legally dubious directive issued by President Trump earlier this month to withhold money from “anarchist jurisdictions.” While city leaders and New Yorkers mainly ridiculed the threatened cuts, the move was immediately celebrated by some of the city’s police unions — including the Police Benevolent Association, whose longtime boss Pat Lynch recently endorsed Trump.

Ed Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, also said he that he agreed with the Attorney General’s announcement. “Barr is correct we are living in criminal anarchy,” he told Gothamist over text message. “People are afraid and the police are unable to protect them.” Asked if he was concerned about the impact on New Yorkers if the cash-strapped city lost billions in federal funding, Mullins, a Long Island resident, said the ends would justify the means.

Mullins has been involved in multiple racist incidents and has taken to appearing on Fox with a QAnon mug perched within view.