NYC Eateries Allowed To Add 10% COVID Surcharge

Gothamist reports:

Restaurants will now be allowed to add the “COVID-19 Recovery Charge,” up to 10% of a customer’s total bill. It passed in a 46-to-2 vote on Wednesday, and as of now, it will be permitted until 90 days after full indoor dining is once again permitted.

“This bill will give restaurants the freedom they need to increase revenue to help cover rapidly rising labor and compliance costs and keep them in business,” said Council Member Joe Borelli [photo], who sponsored the legislation.

“This new policy is coming as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on our city but I have every intention of making this change permanent.” Mayoral spokesperson Mitch Schwartz said the mayor’s office isn’t sure when it will go into effect, but it is expected to happen soon.

Borelli, one of two Republicans on the 53-seat New York City Council, last appeared here in December 2019 when he authored a measure calling for Staten Island to secede from the city. He was the 2016 co-chair of the Trump campaign in New York state.