Michele Bachmann: COVID Is God’s “Judgement” On The United States For Trump Admin’s Middle East Plan

“Something happened in the earlier part of this year on January 28th. A peace plan was put on the table that came from the United States.

“Also Prime Minister Netanyahu was here as well, in the White House, when the plan was revealed. What did the plan call for? It was meant to be a blessing.

“But it called ultimately for a division of the land – of the very biblical covenant heartland which is Judea Samaria, envisioning a future Arab state in that nation.

“And a division of Jerusalem with the eastern part of Jerusalem becoming a capital for a future Palestinian or Arab state. 

“It’s very concerning that that happened on January 28th.  On January 29th came the announcement in the United States of the coronavirus task force.

“There was almost an immediate judgement on the United States.” – Former GOP House Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is currently a right wing group’s “pastor to the United Nations.”