Mask Refuser Pointed Gun At Head Of Grocery Shopper

Myrtle Beach’s NBC News affiliate reports:

A question about a mask inside a Surfside Beach Piggly Wiggly escalated to an assault involving a gun, according to a police report. Surfside Beach police released surveillance pictures on Wednesday of a man who they are looking for connected to an assault.

Police spoke to the victim who said that he noticed the man was not wearing a mask and asked him why. “The victim stated that he then said that you have to wear a mask,” the police report states.

Two cashiers who witnessed the incident told officers that the offender “freaked out” and then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim’s head. According to the police report, the man put the gun back in his pocket and hit the victim four to five times in the head and then took off without paying for items from the store.