Loomer Attacks Jewish Dem With Holocaust Images

The Jerusalem Post reports:

A new political advertisement for Jewish Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer uses Holocaust imagery to attack her Jewish opponent, Democrat Lois Frankel, and calls Frankel “meshuggah,” Hebrew for crazy.

Mark Mellman, CEO of the Democratic Majority for Israel, which supports Frankel, said the Loomer ad was “wholly and completely dishonest” and called Frankel “a key advocate of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.” The Anti-Defamation League called the ad “disgusting” and called on Loomer to remove it.

Later in the ad, a narrator says of Frankel, “Maybe she thinks if she makes nice, they’ll be nice to Jews in the end,” adding “Sound familiar?” as images of a Nazi rally and Jewish concentration camp inmates flash across the screen. The ad calls Loomer “a real mensch.”

The Times Of Israel reports:

Loomer, a right-wing activist known for her incendiary rhetoric about Muslims and migrants, emerged from a field of six candidates in the August 18 primary. US President Donald Trump immediately endorsed her — in five tweets, unleashing the formidable fundraising machine that follows his every pronouncement. (Trump is, unhappily, Frankel’s District 21 constituent.)

Loomer in the past has declared herself to be an “Islamophobe” and celebrated the deaths of Muslim migrants in Europe. She has been banned from social media and the ride services Uber and Lyft for calling on them to ban Muslim drivers.  She and her campaign are quick to cite references to these episodes as evidence of liberal media bias. But Loomer also does not disavow her past acts.