Limbaugh: Unprepared Trump Undermined Himself

“It was frustrating all the way around. I really thought, folks, after five minutes I thought Trump was gonna blow Biden away. I thought Trump was calm, he was informed, he was tough.

“And then it turned into this circus as if Trump didn’t really think or wasn’t aware beforehand what he was up against. I don’t know. It looked to me like Trump wasn’t prepared for the kind of moderator that he got last night.

“I know a lot of millennial women are made nervous by behavior such as that last night, by both sides. They’re made nervous by confidence, made nervous by assuredness — and I’m sure that many people last night thought Trump was a bully. 

“He had a strategy, and the strategy didn’t work. But he had a strategy. And he undermined his own strategy. I myself said so in the opening moments of today’s award-winning broadcast.

“The strategy was to have Biden implode based on the mental deficiencies that everybody is aware that he has. Now, you might think, ‘Well, that’s really mean.’ But that’s what the strategy was.

“The problem was that as Biden began to demonstrate that he had lost his place, telling that lie or this lie, Trump responded instead of letting Biden go and lose his place, because he was so ticked off at being lied about.

“So the strategy that Trump had was to let Biden implode. And when Biden started to implode, Trump saved him.” – Rush Limbaugh.