Limbaugh: Fauci’s COVID Warning Is Voter Suppression

“Guess who’s back in the news, ladies and gentlemen? Dr. Fauci is back in the news. He is saying that the United States has an ‘unacceptably high level’ of COVID-19 cases going into the fall.

“Now, why all of a sudden is Dr. Fauci piping up? Let me explain it to you. They have to keep scaring you, so that you will not go vote.

“They are hellbent — you know, I’ve been urging people all week to flood your polling places on Election Day. Actually show up and vote.

“And one of the ways they’re gonna try to cheat is to convince you not to show up and vote, by scaring you. ‘COVID-19 could be awaiting you in your polling place.’

“They have to keep scaring you, they have to do whatever they can to keep you from actually voting in person. That’s what Fauci is doing.” – Rush Limbaugh, on yesterday’s show.