Limbaugh: Despacito Is A Hispanic Song For Perverts

“So it’s 8 o’clock last night — despite telling the press that Biden was in the building, nobody’s seen him.

“Then when he did come out, he pulled his phone out, and he played a strange Hispanic song on the phone. I don’t know what he was doing backstage — learning how to use the phone? I don’t know if they had to wake him up, I don’t know what.

“This is what happened when Biden came out — some say this is pandering to Hispanics — he played a song on his phone called Despacito.

“This is a song for a pervert. He comes out, plays this song on his phone, holding it up to the microphone that he’s going to use.” – Rush Limbaugh.

Despacito is tied for the longest-running #1 single in Billboard pop chart history and is the most-played video in YouTube history.