Lawsuit Seeks To Block Kanye West From Arizona Ballot

Phoenix’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Rapper Kanye West is being sued to keep him off Arizona’s presidential ballot, but it might be too late to stop him. The lawsuit, filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court, comes days before the Friday deadline for West to turn in at least 40,000 petition signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

Just four days after that, on Sept. 8, millions of ballots for the November election must go to the printer. That leaves little time for a traditional challenge of a candidates’ signatures, which could drag on for several days or more, all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court.

The lawsuit argues that West is violating Arizona law by running as an independent, even though he is a registered Republican.  Several residents who’ve been approached to sign a West petition tell 12 News they’ve been told it’s for an “independent” candidate for president.