Johnson Plans To Tear Up Brexit Withdrawal Deal

Business Insider reports:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to overwrite key parts of the Brexit withdrawal deal he agreed with the EU last year as he insists that leaving all existing trade arrangements without a fresh deal at the end of the year would be a “good outcome” for Britain.

The prime minister intends to “eliminate the legal force of parts of the withdrawal agreement.” The government will on Wednesday table legislation called Internal Market Bill which if passed would effectively overwrite sections of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The Guardian reports:

Business leaders have warned Boris Johnson that securing a Brexit deal is essential for safeguarding Britain’s economic recovery from the coronavirus outbreak and avoiding higher prices in the shops for British consumers.

Sounding the alarm after the prime minister said no deal would be a “good outcome” for Britain and confirmed plans that could undermine the government’s commitment to the EU withdrawal agreement, business groups said failure to compromise in talks this week would severely damage Britain’s fragile economic recovery.