Homocon Site: BLM Activists “Consort” With Demons

From a post on the homocon site Gateway Pundit:

Defenders of Black Lives Matter claim the organization is “spiritual.” No doubt about that. It’s spiritual, alright. But demons are spirits, too. “Spiritual” is not the same as “Godly,” and there’s mounting evidence that BLM’s founders consort with evil spirits.

Demonologists warn us to never, ever say a demon’s name because merely saying or thinking a demon’s name can invoke that demon. In other words, saying a demon’s name is how you get demon problems. Don’t do it.

Don’t watch movies or read books that contain demons names. You’re playing with fire. Literally, you’re playing with the fires of hell when you mention, read, or think about a demon’s name. So, what do BLM leaders do? They say their names.

Those names are the people who have been killed by the police. How many demons are summoned every year during the recitation of names at the 9/11 memorial? Gateway Pundit is regularly retweeted by Trump, including last night.