Hannity Trots Out Former WH Doc Ronny Jackson To Accuse Joe Biden Of Taking Memory Enhancing Drugs

The Daily Beast reports:

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician now running for Congress as a Trump-boosting Republican, showed up on Fox News on Monday night for the sole purpose of backing President Donald Trump’s baseless accusation that Biden is taking secret memory-enhancing drugs to assist his debate performance.

After asserting that Biden is being provided “scripted questions” from reporters, Jackson then claimed that it was “reasonable” for the president to “ask to see if he’s being medicated because he’s had a few times where he’s come out and looked a little bit more energetic than he’s typically looked over the past few months.”

Adding that Biden’s had “good days and bad days,” which is how “cognitive decline usually happens,” the doctor once again suggested that Biden is taking some mysterious drug to help him appear more lucid.

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