Graham: Trump Wants “More Of God” In Government

“The Democrats are really if anything, they are opposed to faith. There are millions of Democrats in this country that are wonderful people. My father was a Democrat okay? All of his life. Never switched parties.

“But he saw the party that he grew up in changing and moving to the left, and that’s what it’s done. And so the Democratic Party today is a party of the left. It’s a socialist party. They want socialism for this country.

“The only hope of this country is God. Donald Trump can’t turn it around. Biden isn’t going to turn it around. Only God can do this, okay? And we need God’s help.

“The Democrats have taken God pretty much out of out of government and there’s a lot of Republicans that want to take God out of government.

“A lot of them, but I just thank God that we’ve got a president who wants God, not only in his administration but he wants to see more of God here in Washington.” – Franklin Graham, speaking to Pat Roberton’s network.