GOP Rep Grandstands On Delaying SCOTUS Expansion

The Washington Post reports:

Rep. Douglas A. Collins (R-Ga.), who is competing for a Senate seat from his state, said Monday that he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment that would effectively delay any efforts by Democrats to expand the size of the Supreme Court in retaliation for Republicans muscling through a Trump nominee.

“By threatening to pack the Supreme Court, Democrats are eroding the integrity of our nation’s highest court,” Collins said in a tweet. “I will be introducing a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit any changes to the size of #SCOTUS until 10 years after any such legislation is signed into law.”

The odds of adoption of a constitutional amendment in such a divided political environment are extremely long. Such a measure requires a two-thirds vote from both chambers of Congress and approval from two-thirds of state legislatures.

Grandstanding to the base as always.