Fox Quisling: RBG Would Want Speedy Replacement

“I think that she’s a perfect example of what is possible in this country. Right? We talk about what she accomplished but really only possible in this nation.

“And her own commitment to her work tells us that this court is important, that she would not want the court to be split 4-4.

“And even yes, her relationship with Scalia indicates clearly that she believes and lived a life where you get along with the people you disagree with.

“You negotiate with them, where you deal with them in a human way without being aggressive or ugly or looking to burn things down or to hurt them.

“So, if we’re going to really honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy, it is to handle this how she would want us to handle it.” -Fox News homocon Tammy Bruce, ignoring RBG’s literal final wish.