Fox Host: The WH Consulted Me On SCOTUS Nominee

“That the circuit judge out of Florida – Lagoa I believe is how you pronounce her name. Cuban-American, she’s been on the court for about three and a half minutes, you know, maybe two or three years, no significant cases as a federal judge.

“Being pushed very hard by the Republican delegation in Florida, mostly for political reasons. This is why I have said I would be very cautious about her.

“And honestly, I’ve put that on my posts, and I was asked by the White House what I thought and I said exactly the same thing. “It’s not that I’m hostile toward her, it’s that she’s pretty much a blank slate. You don’t put blank slates on the Supreme Court.

“We saw what happened with Souter, when George H.W. Bush had as a strategy to put Souter on the court. He wouldn’t be stopped because nobody knew anything about him. OK, but that includes us.

“So if you’re going to go to the mat, you’re going to duke this out, you could have an impact on the election, then make sure somebody is nominated who you at least you think is going to be fairly solid. You can’t know in the end. But at least you think.” – Mark Levin, appearing today on BlazeTV