Fox Host: After Being Reelected Trump Will Use The Insurrection Act To “Put Down These Treasonous Punks”

“The unreality of the left, they try to make it our reality. And I have a sneaking suspicion — and no I have no firsthand knowledge, but a sneaking suspicion — should our president be reelected, God willing, that he will dust off the Insurrection Act.

“And he will have to use it to put down the enemy. The enemy is antifa, the enemy is Black Lives Matter, and the enemy is anybody that is going to use rioting, arson, looting, violence against our country to try to overthrow our country. Those are traitors. That’s treasonous. 

“It would not be hard to put down these punks. They run around in masks because they’re frauds. They cover their faces because they’re frauds. They don’t want you to know what they are and who they are.” – Fox News host Mark Levin, speaking on his radio show.