UPDATE: FBI “Raid” Was Faked By Jacob Wohl

UPDATE: The story reported this morning by the Washington Post has turned out to be a hoax staged by Jacob Wohl. See the latest here.

The Washington Post reports:

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the home of lobbyist, conspiracy theorist and right-wing operative Jack Burkman early Monday morning.

Burkman confirmed the raid and said he was not arrested. His associate Jacob Wohl said the agents took computers, papers and cellphones from the home but that it was unclear what the federal investigators were seeking.

“It’s quite strange,” Wohl said. He said neither he nor Burkman, to his knowledge, have been questioned by the FBI. A spokeswoman for the Washington Field Office of the FBI said, “We cannot confirm that at this time.”

Burkman first appeared on JMG when he launched a petition for the NFL to ban openly gay players. Since then, of course, he’s appeared here many times with Jacob Wohl for his spectacularly failed attacks on prominent Democrats.