Evangelicals Ask Jesus To Cloud Biden With “Confusion” During Debate And Keep Moderator Wallace Restrained

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Frank Amedia and Mark Gonzales, two leaders of the dominionist pro-Trump “prophetic” network POTUS Shield, posted a video Monday night urging people to join them in praying that God will interfere with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s performance at Tuesday night’s debate and that God would keep moderator Chris Wallace in line.

Gonzales, a Republican campaign operative, told POTUS Shield’s “prayer warriors” to pray that “confusion would come to the enemy’s camp.” He prayed that God will “rule and reign” over the debate and that it will “give ammunition to the body of Christ” and the conservative movement. Amedia prayed that President Donald Trump’s “taglines”—he mentioned Reagan’s “there you go again”—would land while Biden’s “already rehearsed” taglines would come out as “babble.”

Amedia reassured people that “we have the authority to pray confusion” on Biden. He claimed that Biden had blasphemed God when he said in August that there would be no miracle to save the United States from the COVID-19 pandemic as Trump had suggested. Amedia asked people to start praying one hour before the debate and to pray all the way through it.

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