“Crying Nazi” Found Guilty Of Extortion, Faces 22 Years

The Informer reports:

Christopher Cantwell, the neo-Nazi podcaster charged by federal prosecutors with threatening to rape a rival neo-Nazi’s wife has been found guilty of extortion and threats. Jurors acquitted Cantwell of cyberstalking. Jurors reached their verdict after a four-day trial in a Concord, New Hampshire federal courtroom. Deliberations began on Friday afternoon and continued Monday morning, lasting less than three hours.

The charges stemmed from a series of messages Cantwell sent to Benjamin Lambert, a Missouri man who used the alias “CheddarMane” and who was a member of the Bowl Patrol, a loosely affiliated group of neo-Nazis who declare mass shooters to be “saints” and cheer the type of violence they think will set off a race war and subsequently usher in a white ethnostate.

Read the full article. The Bowl Patrol’s name is an homage to the bowl haircut worn by white supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof. Cantwell faces 22 years in prison.