Court Blocks False USPS Voter Mailer In Colorado

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Colorado won a temporary restraining order blocking the U.S. Postal Service from sending the state’s households a postcard about voting by mail, after its top election official said the information on the mailer was misleading.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, said in a written statement that the mailer included multiple inaccurate statements about the state’s voting process. One issue, she said, was with a line that said: “Request your mail-in ballot (often called ‘absentee’ ballot) at least 15 days before Election Day.”

Colorado mails all registered voters a ballot, so they don’t need to request one. “For states like Colorado where we send ballots to all voters, the information is not just confusing, it’s WRONG,” Ms. Griswold tweeted Friday.