Christian Activist: When Black Lives Matter Activists Recite Names Of Those Killed by Cops, It’s Witchcraft

“When you say the name, you’re also calling on the person to come forth​, for those spirits to come forth and empower the movement. So​, it’s basically witchcraft.

“And you think this whole thing is very Jezebelic in that regard, in terms of joining together radical feminism, attack on gender, attack on family structure, emasculating men, and then you bring in the appeal to the spirits of the dead.

“So, I have been warning people for months​. Separate from the movement. It is anarchist. It is anti​-Christ. Show your solidarity with Black friends in different ways.

“Where you see injustice, confront it, but separate from the movement.” – Anti-LGBTQ activist and so-called “messianic Jew” Michael Brown.

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