CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

The Smoking Gun reports:

The Ohio woman who recently called 911 to claim that “my pussy’s on fire” and, as a result, needed someone from the fire department to “put it out with their hose,” pleaded guilty today for her misuse of the emergency dispatch system.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Katrina Morgan, 50, copped to disorderly conduct with persistence, a misdemeanor, in connection with a late-night 911 call in May. Morgan was intoxicated when she placed the call while at a friend’s home in Port Clinton, a city on Lake Erie.

After tracking Morgan down at her friend’s residence, cops took her into custody, but not without a struggle. It was only after an officer removed his taser from a holster that the “agitated” Morgan relented and got into the rear of a police cruiser.

There’s audio.