CBS News Poll: Biden +2 In Florida, Trump +2 In Texas

CBS News reports:

Joe Biden still has a small edge in Florida, but the contest has tightened since our last poll in July, from six points down to two now, amid an ebbing — if still sizable — concern about coronavirus, while President Trump has picked up a few more of the state’s remaining uncertain voters, rebuilt some of his lead among White voters and leads Joe Biden on handling the economy. (And of course, this is Florida, where races are usually close.)

In Texas, where Hispanic voters tell us they are overwhelmingly of Mexican or Chicano descent, support for Biden is both a little more widespread and cuts across generational lines. Six in 10 Hispanic likely voters, young and old, currently support Biden. Just as with voters overall, age is a factor here. Older Hispanic voters have a more negative view of socialism and are more inclined to think Biden would move the country more toward socialism than younger Hispanic voters.