Boat Parade Organizer Gets Felony Charge For Threat

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Carlos Gavidia, who earned national attention for his “Trumptilla” boat parades, is expected to be charged with sending a threatening text, a felony, to a resident of his former Jupiter country club community after they clashed over politics, his attorney told The Palm Beach Post on Monday.

Gavidia will surrender at the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday morning, said attorney Stuart Kaplan. The criminal charge would come just days after Gavidia attended President Trump’s Republican National Convention speech on the White House lawn Thursday night.

Gavidia organized the boat parades with his vessel as the centerpiece. He renamed his 42-foot Yamaha Invincible boat “Trump” and wrapped it with a banner containing the president’s name adorned with an eagle and stars.

The charge is “written threat to kill or bodily harm” and carried a potential sentence of up to 15 years. Gavidia previously served time for marijuana trafficking.

(Tipped by JMG reader Patrick)