Biden: Empower Workers And Support Labor Unions

From Joe Biden and AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka:

When he isn’t calling to boycott Goodyear and its thousands of union workers for petty personal reasons, Donald Trump is actively fighting against working people.

That’s because, like so many CEOs and Wall Street robber-barons, he knows that if he can diminish union power, he can run the table on every American worker.

Increasing workers’ rights to unionize and collectively bargain will be an essential component of the Biden-Harris administration’s economic recovery plan.

That includes enacting the PRO Act, which would dramatically enhance the power of workers to organize without fear of retaliation.

The road to get there won’t be easy. But we know the character of union members — the people who built this country, who keep us going through the hard times, and who have never once let our nation down.

We can and must build a future that reflects working people’s courage and ambition, and offers not only good jobs — but the dignity, equity, shared prosperity and common purpose due to every single person who lives and works here.