Biden +8 Over Trump In New WSJ/NBC National Poll

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In a year dominated by a deadly virus, racial unrest and tumultuous news cycles, the presidential race remains remarkably stable, with former Vice President Joe Biden maintaining his lead over President Trump, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows.

Some 51% of registered voters nationally say they would vote for Mr. Biden if the election were held today, while 43% back Mr. Trump. That 8-point lead remains largely unchanged from a month ago, when Mr. Biden had a 9-point advantage, and compares with an 11-point Biden lead in July. Mr. Biden has led Mr. Trump by 6 points or more all year.

Mr. Trump is winning male voters overall but by a smaller percentage than Mr. Biden is winning women. He is also drawing a smaller share of the white vote than he did in 2016, as recorded by exit polls. Similarly, Mr. Trump is underperforming among voters age 65 and older compared with four years ago. Mr. Biden is winning those voters, 50% to 46%.