Axios: Trump Campaign In “Surprising Cash Crunch”

Axios reports:

Money concerns are very real for President Trump’s campaign — an unusual predicament for a sitting president, and one that worries veteran Republican operatives, with Trump so far behind in swing states as the race climaxes.

The campaign’s view is that Trump will get his message out, and he depends less on paid media than normal politicians. But the number of states Trump has to worry about has actually grown, and Joe Biden’s massive August fundraising haul has given his campaign a lift as early voting begins.

The New York Times reports:

Several Republicans said that Bill Stepien, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager since July, was taking a cautious approach after the former leadership spent huge sums on television and digital ads earlier this year, to no discernible effect.

The light television spending and advertising blackouts in some key states have mystified allies, raising questions about how much cash the campaign has in the bank.

Mr. Stepien said in a brief interview that a surgical approach to television ads was the right move for now, focusing on states where early and absentee voting are starting.