ACLU: Georgia Wrongly Purged 200K From Voter Rolls

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The ACLU of Georgia this morning has released a report that says a 2019 purge of voters from the state’s registration database improperly removed nearly 200,000 on the grounds that they had moved – when they had not.

The report is the work of the Palast Investigative Fund, a New York-based nonprofit headed by Greg Palast, an investigative journalist with a history of looking into state voting purges – dating to Florida in 2003. Of 313,243 voters culled last year, the Palast report alleges that 198,351 were improperly expunged.

Jordan Fuchs, deputy to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, sent a response that included this: “It is unfortunate that the ACLU hired a known Stacey Abrams shill to conduct research especially when there are so many credible options on the left to hire.”